2014 BMW i8 Preproduction – First Drive


I’m driving between road courses at BMW’s test facility in the South of France. The preproduction i8 is almost silent, a small whine through the front-mounted electric drivetrain can make it into the cabin. The engineers’ attempts at willing the automobile into good behavior are nearly as loud and much more perceptible. Even though the i8 represents a significant technological leap for BMW, I can’t get my first experience with an e36 M3 out of my head. The e30, BMW’s first M3, was a raucous car. The lightweight special was nothing more than a racecar with power windows. The e36 was different. It had been more, faster and bigger showed and advancedis the opposite bookend to the storied M. And to develop new materials, processes and technology that will eventually trickle toward the center of the shelf, although both brands exist not just in offer cars too extreme to be main-stream BMW products. Without a doubt, some of the weight-saving improvements i-Division found need to find a direct and incrediblyLifeDrive, the and sections Life module. The LifeDrive contains the rear gasoline powertrain and the front electric powertrain, both mounted to aluminum sub-frames. The mid-mounted battery pack is contained in another aluminum structure that also functions to connect both the power sub-frames. The Life module is a carbon fiber cell containing the cockpit and gives the main structure of the vehicle.

BMW not merely builds the composite structure, but has gone as far as to regulate the process of making its own carbon fibers. It has partnered with composites firm SGL to build a fresh facility in Washington State to take polyacrilonitrile fibers imported from Japan and convert — by burning them — into carbon fibers. The spools of carbon fiber are sent to Germany, where these are woven into fabric. The material is then cut to shape, placed into molds and turned into structural CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) panels using an RTM (resin transfer molding) process. The panels are then stuck together using a high-tech adhesive to makethe life module reveals a structure not unlike a conventional unibody made of stamped steel panels welded together. Since composite panels must distribute forces over a greater area to optimize fiber strength, greater overlap is necessary than with steel or aluminum. The front and back sub-frames both are glued and bolted to the Life module. The bolts serve two main purposes. First, is positioning during construction and to avoid peel separation. The adhesive used to hold the two pieces together acts like Velcro. Within the entire surface it’s strong, but it might be pulled apart if attacked at a small corner and worked apart a little at any given time.As the uni-body, like the pillars and roof, are carbon fiber, the body panels, with the exception of the front and rear bumpers, are aluminum. The door panels are built using a carbon fiber structure within bonded aluminum skin. Even though diagonal-wing hinged doors are larger than average, they are half the weight of traditional car doors. That seems to be an important theme from the 3300 lb 2 2. While most car companies pat themselves in the back when planning on taking 12% of the mass out of a component, BMW engineers list part after part that’s tipping the scale to thewith the rear of the i8 is definitely the main power unit. A transverse,228 hp, 1.5 liter, turbocharged, inline-3 cylinder. The engine is mated to your traditional 6-speed automatic. This may ring a bell when we start speaking about the next generation of Mini Cooper. A tiny electric motor is mounted towards the ancillary side of the engine. It’s used as a starter motor, generator to charge the batteries and to supplement engine power when the turbo isn’t producing boost. In the front, a 129 hp motor unit is mated to a 2-speed transmission. The lower gear is only used in full electric mode, while the taller gear is commonly used during mixed power operation. An engineer happened to say the electric motor has a 40 hp reserve that could be used later. The existing output of the electrical motor was chosen to optimize the grip available at the front tires.

The car might be driven in one of three modes. In E-mode, the car runs entirely on the 6. kWh lithium-ion battery and electric motor. BMW claims a range of 22 miles with a top speed of 75 mph. In comfort mode, both power-trains are being used and the battery is able to drop to 20% capacity prior to the gas engine is used for recharging. In comfort mode, BMW is claiming 95 mpg. This is in the European test-cycle and includes the mileage gained from the plug-in hybrid system. In sport mode, both powertrains are constantly used. The generator is utilized to keep battery at 80% capacity as much as possible to optimize performance. The suspension and steering are both tuned for sporty driving and BMW claims a -60 mph time of lower thanOther Stuff

The i8’s interior is nothing shocking if you’ve been in a BMW lately. The seating position is low and my 6-foot-2 self had a good amount of head room. The seats are supportive and the controlsstreak and flash all over the display on a regular basis. So, much information is being displayed that I ignored the whole thing after just a few minutes. I’d reveal to you what I mean, but BMW wouldn’t we will take any pictures of your interior. The rear seats are unusable for anyone but children even though big doors make access easier than in most coupes.

The suspension components for that i8 are sourced from other BMW models. The weight-saving attempts are again obvious as unnecessary material is drilled or machined out. While the suspension components are the same as other cars, the i8 advantages of a lower center of gravity and lower polar moment of inertia. The battery pack is mounted only possible and centralized which is a perfect start, additionally the front and back power units are almost entirely between the axles. The designthe car I drove was still camouflaged, the job that has gone into aerodynamics is obvious. Engineers have spent hours and hours on BMW’s rolling-road wind tunnel to optimize flow. Small intakes in the front bumper pull air in from the high-pressure area next to the main inlet, direct it around a channel in the bumper and blow it out with the edge of the wheel well in front of the tire. Apparently the front wheel wells can are the cause of as much as 25 % of a car’s drag, and others air curtains, as BMW calls them, have made a drastic reduction on that number. Air brought in throughout the front intake is redirected over the top of the car with the hood extractor, and flow over the top of the the rear fender is pulled behind the vehicle with the buttresses running on the C-pillar. Ahead of the rear wheel wells, more intakes are visible behind the rocker panels that feed cooling air towards the engine, while two more intakes inside the car’s flat undercarriage provide more air. One intake cools the rear exhaust silencer. All of this adds up toInside The Driver’s Seat

Pushing the beginning button doesn’t give the shake and rumble I expect from a sports vehicle. Instead the button returns a chime that isn’t nearly as satisfying. But at the very least you know it’s awake. The i8 uses BMW’s joystick gear selector and it seems right in your own home in this car. I started out in comfort mode, and tipping into the throttle seems normal. The car takes off like every other BMW, just without the noise. In most-electric mode, it feels just like a 328 automatic, in a good way.

At lower speeds, you won’t get the gas engine to kick on unless you push the throttle past a clear detent. To tell the truth, driving around in comfort and e-mode, the car felt perfectly adequate. I can imagine commuting without needing to fire in the engine if you reside within roughly 20 miles of work. Around the normal roads of BMW’s test facility, the i8 is comfortable and easy to drive. The steering has good on-center feel using a decent heft. Also comfortable, even though the ride is firm. The car features a planted feel but still is like it wishes tois always running and it also sounds great. It doesn’t sound just the thing for an I-3, it legitimately sounds great. The engineers swear that all it’s doing is amplifying certain frequencies; it isn’t creating anything that isn’t there, though inside the car, you are hearing the engine plus a sound symposer. Whatever it’s doing, it fools you into thinking a race tuned I-6 is sitting behind you. With both gas and electric motivation, the i8 feels quick, if not fast. Keep in mind BMW rates the current M6 at 4.2 second -60 mph and have stated this car will probably be at less than 4.5 seconds.

Off the line, there is certainly zero torque steer. Gear shifts are smooth but quick, and i also can’t say I really missed having a dual-clutch transmission. This power-train feels perfectly normal. So does the brake pedal. Apparently it’s very hard to have a hybrid brake pedal not to feel like you’re pushing by using an air-cylinder for your first part — the regenerative part — in the travel. It isn’t noticeable here. It just feels like a brake pedal that gets progressively stiffer with more applied force.

The greatest surprise could possibly be the handling. As previously mentioned, the weight of the car is low and centralized. Because the center of gravity is low, our bodies barely rolls in corners, even though even in sport mode, the suspension isn’t overly stiff. The auto is eager to turn and is also predictable, with understeer being the 1st reaction at the limit. While driving hard, the steering is still linear and predictable. It isn’t exactly overflowing with feedback, but is what I’ve come to expect from most electrically assisted racks. The i8 rides on relatively narrow tires: my tester was equipped with the optional sport package, which has the wider tires, and it merely has a 215/45-20 up front in comparison to the 195/50-20 on the standard car. It doesn’t help that along with being narrow, the tires can also be optimized for low rolling resistance instead of performance.

Summer Fun and Living Whilst You’re Young

Summer is short and summer is fleeting and you do not want to be facing Labor Day with a number of regrets of things you could have and should have done to make the summer months a great time. There are numerous people who delay till tomorrow what they must be doing today and there you are going, they die and never be able to see that happy tomorrow. That whole notion of seeing the entire world and traveling when you are older, after retiring, is just a fantasy, that doesn’t happen, so don’t live for tomorrow, live for right now. Wouldn’t you rather be happy now – in case you are always happy “now” you’ll never be looking forward to a time when you may be happy, since you’ll continually be happy “now.” Why wait? here are a few things you can do being happy now, and enjoy this fleeting summer.

Buy A Cool New Car


Don’t await your old hunk of junk t break down for you and leave you stranded on the side of the road, then you scrounge for change to get whatever new junky car you can find. No, live for your now, and get a summer set of wheels that’ll cause you to happy to be alive and can show others that you have a lust for a lifetime. For example, a Nissan Xterra is great car for the summer and will be reliable like the Nissan brand. See what we’re talking bout by checking out the latest Xterras at Temecula Nissan. You may be surprised how sweet they actually are, and affordable. Look at them online at Metro Nissan Redlands. You’ll be pretty pumped you decided to live for today rather than for tomorrow.

Go On A Trip


I love when people tell me they’re going to travel the world a little while in the future. Exactly what is the future? The near future is never, ever here. It’s literally impossible to do something in the future. You are able to only make a move right now. The near future is a myth designed by the man to keep you down. Forget it. Buy tickets to Hawaii at the moment and live a little. That future trip will be upon you and you will literally be getting with a plane and going to Hawaii instead of thinking of how maybe someday you will. Don’t die with a laundry list of facts you never did. Who does that impress?

Shut Off the TV and Go Outside


Sometimes we spend a great deal time staring at our little screens, whether it be our phones or our pads or our computers. We can’t help but have our eyes glazed over and our brains atrophy. Forget it. Shut off your machines and your gadgets, leave your phone at home, and go outside. Look up. Look around. Smell the world. Open the eyes. Even achieving this an hour a day will give you renewed life and a sense of what’s important.

MTI Racing Datsun 240Z (S30) – Fastest in World


MTI Racing, located in Marietta, GA, is a famous Chevrolet performance specialty shop, listingCamaro and Corvette, and even GM truck parts since their forte. The quality of the race application parts that they design and build in-house for these domestic monsters, plus the work that is carried out at their facility, has earned them a reputation as the authority on all cars wearing the Bow Tie badge. Currently, much of their focus is on the new C7 Corvette, having acquired one for a testbed for developing parts and, of course, to race. Unlike this C7 Corvette, a brand-new project, they also race a Datsun 240Z. Naturally, the previous Datsun is not really powered with the straight-six L24 that it came equipped with if it was built half a world away four decades ago. As a Chevy specialty shop, there was clearly little doubt that the fastest way to get this little import around a road course would be by using a big-block V-8 under the hood.The owner of this S30 Datsun 240Z, Matt Isbell, is also part owner of MTI Racing, and has been fascinated by everything automotive coming from a young age. He describes his childhood to be completely centered around cars, racing whatever he could afford, starting with Hot Matchbox and Wheels cars-which may not be an officially recognized motorsport class yet, but we won’t let that little detail keep Matt from listing it on his resume. Eventually racing Hot Wheels gave way to racing slot cars, and the joy of controlling a self-propelled object had him hooked for life. The slot cars led him straight into the transition to your short stint with radio-controlled cars that kept him thoroughly occupied until he was actually racing cars from inside them, at many autocross events lastly Road Atlanta the local (and world famous) road course.

1971 datsun 240Z rear wing 20

1971 datsun 240Z interior 19

1971 datsun 240Z z car customs IMSA widebody aero 15

The list of Matt’s previously and currently owned cars is, without a doubt, impressive. The abridged version on this list as described by the person himself goes something like: “Quite a few AC Cobras, a Shelby GT500, VW Beetles, a great deal of trucks, and several Z’s.” The point that he appears to have trouble recalling the exact quantities of these cars raised a few concerns, but we decided to let them slide. Whether or not this selection of cars is known as “healthy” often will be debated by a panel of overpaid “experts” in white coats who have never driven an appropriate car, but we’ll nip that discussion in the bud here and (despite our lack of white coats) declare him “totally fine and exhibiting warning signs of awesomeness.” As car guys tend to do, Matt cycled through cars on a regular basis, buying, tinkering with, racing, and ultimately selling many amazing machines. He eventually noticed a trend. Regardless of how many he bought and sold, he always found himself in an old Datsun Z car-there seemed to be something special about these small, sleek, lightweight imports. He decided to keep one around, which was much easier said than done, so he resorted to the only methodinvolved: Create the fastest road racing 240Z. A lofty goal, but Matt was confident that it was within his reach. It could be the perfect candidate for what Matt and the crew at MTI had planned, although the base platform was chosen, a ’71 240Z, not an especially desirable year of the S30 chassis regarding collector value. As we mentioned earlier, this Datsun is not really powered from a Japanese straight-six, but by an American V-8-or even to be more specific, the American V-8. The LS family of GM-built engines have proven their worth time and time again, and have been shoehorned into pretty much everything that one could physically fit within, for good reason. This specific powerplant started its life as a typical LS7, normally found in ’06-13 Corvette Z06s and ’14-and-newer Camaro Z28s, cars that weigh double of what this 240Z registers on the scales. The combination of 505 hp, 470 lb-ft of twist and a sub-2,000-pound car would be enough for most people to call it every day and move onto figuring out how to drive such a monstrosity, but Matt had not been interested in simply building a terrifying 240Z, although the fastest 240Z. The LS7 was torn apart, the heads were ported, a Comp MTI and camshaft Racing dual valvesprings were installed in addition to Mahle pistons, a Callies crankshaft and connecting rods, the fortified engine was buttoned up using ARP hardware. Before exiting though a totally custom exhaust system internal-house at MTI, a custom MTI intake pipe leads air via a 102mm throttle body into an LSX FAST manifold to be compressed and ignited. This formula will work for some very impressive numbers, 650 whp and 625 lb-ft of torque to get exact. Matt then shifted his focus on the suspension, as putting this much power to the floor and keeping the car stable at the speeds it was now capable was going toThe notion of “good enough” is all but completely foreign to him, so he chopped the front one half of the car completely off and fabricated a whole tubular front end to house the LS7 and serve as mounting points for your front suspension components, even though rate of acceleration this car was now able to was the least of Matt’s worries at this moment. Bilstein double adjustable struts paired with Eibach springs regulate the movement of a blend of Arizona Z Car and MTI custom fabricated arms with Aurora Heim joints, which serve to allow changes in be made in addition to keep the alignment perfectly true while driving. A set of monstrous 17×10.17×12 and 5.5 CCW Classics wrapped in 335 and 315 width Hoosiers maintain the car secured to the pavement. You can find no bolt-on flares around the world that can house such a wheel-and-tire combination, so the guys within the Z Car Customs were commissioned to create a full carbon-fiber widebody kit, from a 35-year-old original IMSA race car mold, no less, since you can probably imagine! The interior is kept as simple as possible, only the absolute necessities remain in order to keep weight down. A complete rollcage was fabricated and welded to the chassis in-house at MTI, the iconic diamond pattern vinyl has been replaced by a simple coat of white paint, and the only remaining pieces even remotely resembling any sort of comfort would be thethe easiest is such a simple yet beautiful concept; it’s an absolute that may be questioned at any moment, yet requires solid proof to be challenged. One of the advantages of racing may be the fundamental idea that we start at a set point, adhere to a set course, and the first back will be the fastest.”””” It’s indisputable with no room for opinions or personal preferences, just straight unadulterated facts. Matt may just possess the winning combination of parts to carry the title of the fastest S30 Datsun 240Z ever, by combining a classic lightweight Japanese chassis with modern American power and a a lot more than capable suspension. Anybody trying to dispute that crown, however, may have to wait a few months. The auto met a wall at 80 mph shortly after these photographs were taken due to a bolt failing in the front suspension. The car is now being rebuilt, and it’s likely Matt is already working on ways to go even faster when the car is back on thefor highengine and transmissionin theMany of us thought it was the automobile nobody needed, the answer to a matter that hadn’t been asked. And yet the BMW X6 coupe Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV) is phenomenally successful since its arrival.

A Spec PPL600 & PPP430 Packages – Fine China


Fromclothes and electronics, and car parts to whatever else you can imagine, it’s common knowledge that China accounts for manufacturing the majority of the goods we use daily. And for decades, many of our preconceived ideas about the quality of Made in China have already been negative-cheap, disposable, and fake are common views. This was especially true with car parts, nevertheless the reality has begun to change in recent years, especially with companies like A Spec, which we visited earlier this year.It absolutely was a leading distributor for premier Japanese car parts for a long time. But there came a time when owner Lawrence Yip decided to roll the dice and pursue his long-term vision for the company. Instead of being known strictly as an parts and importer dealer, he chosen to move to China and make his mark building high-quality exhausts and complete packages. Lawrence proved us wrong as soon as we arrived in China the first time, although when most people heard this, they thought he was crazy.

We were there to experience A Spec’s latest products but had not a clue what to expect from our visit to the nation more than 1.3 billion people call home.

A spec brake and wheelgrowth and technology. The most significant surprises was the roads. China has exceeded the miles of paved roadways of the Usa This was to aid the amount of car ownership-cars abound, and it’s not only Chinese domestic models or Japanese imports. European cars are becoming more popular to the more affluent owner. In reality, Lawrence told us it’s as expensive to buy a Honda Accord as a BMW. Bearing this in mind, it was a simple decision for him to shift the company’s focus from Japanese to European imports. People wanted thecomfort and status, superiority a European car, and they wanted quality aftermarket products to match, which happens to be where A Spec comes into play.

With 90 percent of Chinese not owning a garage, there aren’t many guys attempting DIY work and even shops to acquire work done. They also don’t go all out with the upgrades, preferring simple, functional, high-quality bolt-on parts.

A spec PP430 rear diffuser 20

A spec PP430 exhaust tips 21

A spec PP430 side sill 22

This approach may be expensive when importing parts fromJapan and USA, or Europe, so A Spec started by giving high-quality exhausts. We were fortunate to get a tour of the factory and were baffled by how many quality checks are manufactured and how little was outsourced.

A Spec’s butter and bread is the IDEAS exhaust (Intelligent Dynamic Exhaust Acoustic System). The IDEAS system goes further by using a valve system jointly with an exhaust pressure sensor to give drivers the ability to have either a quiet or aggressive exhaust sound, though seeing and hearing them firsthand, they appear to rival some of the top exhausts on the market. It’s selected with a little a button and it is even customizable via a module that can be set to three different modes, including sport-which opens the flap at full throttle in the event itPorsche and Lamborghini conversions. Designed for the Gallardo LP560, the package was dubbed PPL600 for Performance Project Lamborghini 600-the amount representing its horsepower.

The Gallardo was lowered, fitted with 20-inch three-pieced forged A Spec wheels, the inside was upholstered in alcantara, and the car was fitted with the company’s IDEAS exhaust. More importantly, the exterior was fitted with its new 27-piece aero body kit made from carbon fiber (A Spec will also offer the entire kit in carbon Kevlar).

A spec PP600 wheel 13

A spec PP600 rear garnish 14

A spec PP600 exhaust tips 15

The design updates the Lamborghini with elements similar to theHurcan and Aventador, and Sesto Elemento. The front end, for example, is actually a trendsetter with a menacing bumper and vented hood. Including the emblem was moved from its original location on the hood to the bumper-a good touch.

One side skirts feature wide air vents with carbon sills. You’ll notice large air outlets in the kit-all are functional. The rear follows suit with the aggressive diffuser, while the centerpiece takes cues from the Sesto Elemento and Veneno, using its triangular openings. Finally, the back wing allows the Lambo a fresh personality, however thewheels and brakes, and exhaust. But now it’s been outfitted with an A Spec carbon/Kevlar body kit. Overall, it’s tamer in comparison to the Lamborghini and simply includes a front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, and decklid. Yet each piece, while simple, transforms the 991 into a more striking road car. And with this example, A Spec opted to leave elements of the Kevlar weave visible for extra impact.

Both cars are simply the beginning for any Spec. The Gallardo and 991 add to a solid foundation of cars, which also are theLawrence’s goal is to continue expanding the exhaust line that is proving popular in Asia, but additionally offer more turnkey modified cars to the growing European aftermarket community in China.

Summer Fun and Living Whilst You’re Young

Summer is short and summer is fleeting and you do not want to be facing Labor Day with a number of regrets of things you could have and should have done to make the summer months a great time. There are numerous people who delay till tomorrow what they must be doing today and there you are going, they die and never be able to see that happy tomorrow. That whole notion of seeing the entire world and traveling when you are older, after retiring, is just a fantasy, that doesn’t happen, so don’t live for tomorrow, live for right now. Wouldn’t you rather be happy now – in case you are always happy “now” you’ll never be looking forward to a time when you may be happy, since you’ll continually be happy “now.” Why wait? here are a few things you can do being happy now, and enjoy this fleeting summer.

Buy A Cool New Car


Don’t await your old hunk of junk t break down for you and leave you stranded on the side of the road, then you scrounge for change to get whatever new junky car you can find. No, live for your now, and get a summer set of wheels that’ll cause you to happy to be alive and can show others that you have a lust for a lifetime. For example, a Nissan Xterra is great car for the summer and will be reliable like the Nissan brand. See what we’re talking bout by checking out the latest Xterras at Temecula Nissan. You may be surprised how sweet they actually are, and affordable. Look at them online at Metro Nissan Redlands. You’ll be pretty pumped you decided to live for today rather than for tomorrow.

Go On A Trip


I love when people tell me they’re going to travel the world a little while in the future. Exactly what is the future? The near future is never, ever here. It’s literally impossible to do something in the future. You are able to only make a move right now. The near future is a myth designed by the man to keep you down. Forget it. Buy tickets to Hawaii at the moment and live a little. That future trip will be upon you and you will literally be getting with a plane and going to Hawaii instead of thinking of how maybe someday you will. Don’t die with a laundry list of facts you never did. Who does that impress?

Shut Off the TV and Go Outside


Sometimes we spend a great deal time staring at our little screens, whether it be our phones or our pads or our computers. We can’t help but have our eyes glazed over and our brains atrophy. Forget it. Shut off your machines and your gadgets, leave your phone at home, and go outside. Look up. Look around. Smell the world. Open the eyes. Even achieving this an hour a day will give you renewed life and a sense of what’s important.

Top 5 R35 Nissan GT-R Builds You Must See


Before you is a list of must-see R35 Nissan GT-R builds we’ve found impossible to forget, You Have To See.


There couldn’t be a better collaboration with legendary tuner Trust/GReddy and aero specialist BenSopra. 4.3-liter stroker, bigger turbos and massive fenders were so as; the result could this be wild Super GT-style R35 GT-R pushing 1,206hp built to take onYou Have To See

Sumo Power

The Sumo Power R35 GT-R had just one goal and that was to go around a track as fast as possible. Due to FIA GT1 regulations, Sumo Power performed something uncommon by using out the Nissan’s turbochargers, AWD system and paddle shifters. But before you get your panties within a bunch, wait untilYou Need To See

Tommy Kaira

Imagine one day you got a phone call by a millionaire asking you to build a GT-R with a baller budget. Well, SP Engineering got that call, except they were told to build two Nissan GT-Rs and they both had to be around 1,000whp. We loved this gold one rocking the pricey Tommy Kaira aero sprayed with Top Secret paint. Rough estimate of this GT-R was about $250,000. MBN.

Top FiveYou Need To See


What was only supposed to be a weekend warrior, this R35 soon took over as the HKS Fuji Speedway demo car. Together, HKS and owner Susumi Aoki brought this car to reach 1,001hp. And withYou Have To See

View Photo Gallery (6) Photos

AMS Performance

AMS is known for its record-setting turbo builds. The team broke into the 7-second quarter-mile club with its Alpha Omega GT-R at 186.14 mph-the present GT-R record. It’s also done a standing mile at 233mph and standing half-mile at 214.04mph. AMS president Martin Musial has stated the car is rated at about 1800whp. Enough said!

“1972 Datsun 240Z – 650hp LT1 V8 Power “


The ’70s were a mixed bag for car enthusiasts. Similarly, traditional performance cars were evaporating quickly: Compression ratios were dropping like suicidal lovers from the Golden Gate Bridge; catalytic converters cleaned the air but smothered performance in its crib; park-bench bumpers grew in the front and rear of virtually every car sold in America, adding weight and sapping what power was left. Insurance companies had killed traditional American performance, and whatever was left was mopped up from the first OPEC crisis. For 1970, GM offered a 370-gross-horsepower, high-revving 350-cube small-block; by 1976, the same displacement in a 4500-pound Chevy Impala offered just 145hp from thecontinues to be built from the base up, plus supercharged to make 650whp on pump gas.

That left the door wide open for any performance-hungry populace to discover newer, more efficient machines. lighter and Smaller, the new type of performance car needed less power to deliver better performance. Datsun’s Z-car was a natural choice: Its low-slung body, sexy good looks and anvil-like reliability won it a huge number of friends, and millions more admirers. An electricalIt was only a matter of time before someone dropped bigger power into a Z. Enter Brian Morrow, founder/owner/president of Scarab, who engineered the small-block-Chevy-into-a-Datsun-Z swap. Breathe about the engine, take it up to pre-emissions levels and voila! The SBC weighed about the same because the all-iron straight-six that was removed for the conversion and set back slightly for improved weight distribution. More power, same weight, better handling… who could complain? (See sidebar for more.)

1972 datsun 240Z sparco steering wheelhave got all moved on within the decades since. Advances in specifications have allowed five- and six-speed transmissions; advances in technology allow programmable fuel injection for increased tires and gratifaction that are much less likely to be spinning at the end of a quarter-mile run; advances in materials have made components and bodywork alike stronger and lighter. Some of these have come from the aftermarket, and some (when it comes toin the event it came out within the 1992 Corvette: a genuine 300 net flywheel horsepower, numbers that hadn’t been seen since the early 1970s. (The LT1 was named to remind people of those heady high-performance days). A year later, it would appear in greater numbers inside the fourth-generation Camaro Z28 and Firebird Trans Formula and Am lines, using a rated 275hp. There were improvements over previous small-block iterations: aluminum cylinder heads (though the block remained cast iron), up-to-date fuel-injection software along with a so-called reverse-cooling system, which starts coolant flow in thetoo: The rotating assembly was interchangeable with millions of earlier SBCs, meaning there was a ready-made aftermarket full of parts that would fit this new engine. By 1996, a level hotter version, called LT4, was available for select Corvette models: improved breathing for that heads and intake, a more radical cam profile and 1.6 roller rockers in those new aluminum heads.

Before rear tires, 1972 datsun 240Z straight pipe 05 Photo 7/16

And yes it was around this time, the mid-1990s, that 18-year-old Darius Khashabi fell in love with a 240Z who had previously been converted to small-block Chevy power. This car had been converted to V8 power in the early ’80s; I have a stack of receipts from previous owners that shows that money was dumped into this car for years. It had bubble flares as i got it, and eventually a buddy and I hung new quarters onto it and managed to make it look stock-bodied again. I let a pal borrow it, he crashed it, we tore it down, painted it black and upgraded to the LT1.

Now, Darius makes his living as a motorcycle stunt rider. Replicating the two-wheeled thrills of his day job would take some doing, you’d think…but in terms of power along with the minimalism, we’d say he’s just about as near as he will get to a four-wheeled bike. I added a supercharger in 2000, he says. Quickly, I discovered which it was just an excessive amount of power; I needed wider tires in order to hook up, which meant I needed a widebody, and so i started the transformation that you see today.basically stripped minus the Sparco seats, custom ’cage and dash.

Currently, Darius has a machine that would blow anyone’s mind. There is precious little Datsun left: The body is entirely fiberglass, except the roof (using the fenders blistered out to accommodate 12-inch-wide rubber); the fuel-injected, pump-gas-fed, supercharged 650hp engine, and the attendant driveline that handles it, is all aftermarket-fortified GM, save for the 300ZX rear end; the interior is gutted, bar seats and belts, an eight-point ‘cage, the factory dash shape full of Auto Meter gauges and six-point harnesses; the chassis has become completely transformed beyond the scope of anything Nissan’s engineers would have dreamed of for a full-race machine, significantly less a fun weekend cruiser its owner uses to take downtown and scare people. And he doesn’t even have to be going fast to do it. The exhaust are twin 3-inch pipes having a stainless muffler that’s pretty much straight through, like a cherry bomb, he says. They pretty much don’t do anything. It’s stupid loud. You drive it for some time, then you’re like, ‘Get me using thisAs if a display from the power-20 pounds of boost through a stroker 383-cube LT1, informed by an ACCEL Thruster brain, fed by 80-pound injectors, sparked by coil-on-plug technology that has long since surpassed the dodgy Optispark distributor-wouldn’t do that alone. But all the inconvenience, all the bespoke adapting of components, all of the effort, all of the money, is in the name of speed. I took it to some Shift-S3ctor half-mile event, and that i got it up to 159mph. A buddy with a Ferrari 458 went through the traps at 158mph, and a McLaren MP4-12C experienced at 161mph, so I was right up there with many other cars that had similar horsepower to mine. And mine doesn’t have wind-tunnel shaping like those did.

And somehow, that’s not enough for Darius, grumbling that he can top out at a theoretical 174mph. I asked for 8.5: When I measured the pistons in the bore, they were a quarter-inch from even with the deck, though 1 compression from the engine builder. With assorted pistons, I’d be making 850 hp. Events like Shift-S3ctor’s have fueled Darius’ desire to tweak his combination for maximum results. The motor’s coming out, and I’m planning to raise it to 9.5: 1 compression and run race gas. I’ll have the T56 rebuilt and perhaps a 3.13 final drive ratio-it’s got a 3.73 now. I’d like to do certainly one of their mile-long events and go 200.

That 200-mile-an-hour mile is a long way in theof the Datsun Z-car. A few hundred of Brian Morrow’s Scarabs were built at the San Jose conversion facility, but more crucially, Scarab sold thousands of kits to budding power-seekers. That kit is, quite likely, the cornerstone for the Z that Darius bought within the mid-1990s. Since it happens, our cousins throughout the hall at Motor Trend tested an early Scarab in 1976. Here’s what they were required to say:

Slam the throttle down, and the car leaps forward, accompanied by the shriek of tires grabbing for traction. The tachometer needle climbs smoothly and swiftly to the 6000rpm redline. Almost too quickly, it’s time to shift again; and the delicious feel of acceleration starts all over again, till the trees and fence posts blur right into a solid guard rail beside the road. It really is exciting, understandably. Where the Scarab really goes to life, though is on twisting mountain roads with climbing and diving turns connected by short straights. It is on these roads, with their demands on a vehicle’s transitional handling qualities, that the Scarab displays its character.

That was inside a 2600-pound car with 350 flywheel horsepower; it tripped the beams in 14 seconds flat at 104mph. Darius’ car is hundreds of pounds lighter, and has nearly double the power.

1972 datsun 240Z procharger race bypass valve 13

1972 datsun 240Z GM LT1 V8 12

1972 datsun 240Z procharger race bypass valve 14

Internationally Known

Chevrolet’s small-block V8, dating clear back to the fall of 1954, has been America’s go-to mill preferred by almost given that it’s been alive. Fuel-injected as early as 1957, the SBC has even been the engine of choice among small, independent foreign-car companies that needed areliable and powerful, cheap engine for their hyper-expensive Grand Touring machines. British Gordon-Keeble used Chevy power in their eponymous Giugiaro-styled coupes; Italian Iso took the SBC aboard for their luxurious Rivolta, Grifo, Fidia and Lele (through ’72, anyway); and each of Italian upstart Bizzarrini’s meager output utilized Chevy power. (You can’t really count the 283-cube Opel Diplomats of the mid-’60s or 327/350-fronted Holden Monaros of the late ’60s, since both are GM divisions…however theyMesmerised

You’ll see two other cars lurking about this story. The first is an ’07 Z06 Corvette and is Darius’ daily driver. Not one to leave a car stock, he’s added a ZR1 wing, side front and skirts splitter, a pair of 20-inch iForged wheels, a Synergy Motorsports cam, Cook’s headers along with an Akropovic exhaust. Compared to his Z, the Z06 is simply lightly breathed on and puts out 553hp in the rear wheels.

The GT-R is a 2010 model belonging to Darius’ buddy Admir Besic, who specified a Switzer P800 kit. It includes a very high-flow intake and injectors, ball-bearing turbo upgrades, high-pressure wastegate actuators, high-flow down pipes, larger intercoolers, stainless 102mm exhaust system and more. The combination is good for 600whp on pump gas and 700whp on race fuel.

We demonstrate these two like a basis for comparisons. Darius and Admir have raced these three cars in every possible combination. I’ve raced my Z06 from the GT-R on pump gas, and they were dead even, Darius says. That’s a bit of a surprise, until you realize that the Nissan weighs half a ton more and has to get over the additional frictional losses that most-wheel-drive naturally incurs.

And how does the Z fare in all of the this, with about 750 pounds less than the Corvette and nearly a ton lighter than the R35? We’ve raced the Z from the GT-R a bunch, Darius tells us. Against my Z, the GT-R with race gas was dead even. But the Z against the Corvette, the Datsun just walks away!

Safety Features Which Make A Great Deal of Difference

It’s a pretty scary thought which must pop into every driver’s head from time to time. There you are driving long without having a care on earth when you glance down to switch channels around the radio just at the point that the truck in front of you jumps on the brakes. Wouldn’t it be great if your car could brake automatically helping avoid any collision?


Well, this technology and even more like it actually exists already. Manufacturers are constantly searching for ways to make vehicles safer with many of these safety measures finding their ways intoordinary and everyday, moderately priced cars.

The very next time you pop into riverside fiat or another dealers searching for a change of wheels maybe you should worry less concerning the make, model or color and concentrate more about the safety features which are fitted to the car.

Here are a few in the ones you ought to watch out for:

Adaptive Cruise Control – this innovation uses radar like sensors and cameras to monitor the distance involving the vehicle along with the one in front. If the vehicle in front decelerates your car will slow down too in order to keep a safe driving distance. The vehicle will likely speed up again along with the traffic.

If the vehicle is getting a bit too near the one ahead, forward Collision Avoidance Systems – uses the same form of technology and alerts drivers.


Autonomous Braking – this kicks in if the driver fails to respond to previous warning systems. Some of these systems can brake automatically to aid avoid a collision or otherwise lessen the impact. The most effective systems are a mix of forward collision warning with auto braking.

Backup Cameras – they were once only accessible on the top end luxury vehicles but are available today on many mid range cars. The camera will probably be displayed in either the rear view mirror or on a dash display and provide drivers a definite view if they are reversing in a parking space or across the drive.

Reversing Sensors – can be used either with or without the backup cameras. The sensors will basically beep when you get too close to something as you back, and the closer you get the louder or higher frequent the beeps will become.

Parking Assist – when you get a little bit anxious about trying to squeeze into tight parking spots this might be the feature for you. Many newer models of car are fitted with a feature which detects the space and size available for guides and parking you to the appropriate starting position to parallel park. If by magic , you can then take your hands from your steering wheel by leaving the tricky part to the pc as your car is backed perfectly in to the space as. . how awesome is that?


Why not pop right down to OC Fiat and see the truly amazing selection of new and used motors they already have for sale. Most of the newer vehicles will have a variety of safety features fitted as standard whereas others may be available as an extra. Advances in technology are really helping the world . . . and the road become a safer place to be and to drive, so it makes perfect sense to take full advantage whenever you can don’t you feel?

Remember to find out about any safety features on any one of the vehicles which take your fancy. It’s better to be secure than to be sorry all things considered.

Team Proceed Drift – Big in America


Additional photography by Nicolas Cassara and Will Roegge

Preface: Team Proceed is among the most recognizable drift teams in the Usa We’ve seen videos of them online but never had the chance to see them in action until Final Bout. Perhaps no one can tell their story better than one that belongs to them members, Ilia Smolov who drives the Cressida from the group. As well as all his other teammates, Ilia is living and breathing drifting for more than a decade. So without further adieu, here’s Team Proceed’s story as told by Ilia:your friends at midnight, and you wait. You wait for cops to have. You wait for a street to get rid of out. You wait for the warehouse shift to finish. If it’s not something, it’s another-and you also always wait.When you discover drifting, you wait, too. Every one of us who drift remember watching their first videos, flipping through their first magazines, and being absolutely floored by what we saw. You see your heroes driving cars that look like show cars on the circuit and on the road in ways that most people can’t drive purpose-built race cars, and your spirit is forever captured. And you wait. You work day job after day jobmakes sense. The cops leave, the street clears out, the warehouse closes for your night, and also you get your few moments of glory. Nobody but your friends may have seen it, but those few moments are priceless. Eventually, you graduate, your career repays, and you’re finally capable to build the drift car you’ve dreamed of your whole life and drive with the friends exactly the same way you watched your idols drive with their friends, decade before. Anybody who hasn’t been through it can’t truly understand, but those of us who definitely have made your journey will remember it.It is actually those memories that drive Proceed. We shall always remember engines screaming past abandoned highway walls of the city, never forget nights put in rougher areas of Chicago watching our friends practice drifting corners hour after hour, hoping that certain day we might drive like our heroes in Japan. The cars you see during these pages would be the products of years of dreaming, planning and waitingin America

Team Proceed Drift midwest 82

Team Proceed Drift midwest 79

Team Proceed Drift midwest 75

A whole list of modifications for each car is impossible to include-drift cars are an anomaly within the street car realm because literally every single component from the connecting rod bolt into a control arm is changed and touched to handle abuse of drifting. Each of the Proceed cars has this in common. They have all been changed drastically off their factory form and designed not only to drift well, but to look like show cars while carrying it out. The design and style aspect of our cars is and always will likely berealizing that street driving would be in its future, so he failed to skimp about the comforts every street car should have. Eric had been dreaming about a drift Aristo for a long time and knew exactly how he would build the car when he finally got it. This power is balanced with street car comfort, although chob’s Aristo has a 2JZ-GTE, Precision 6262 turbo, TiAL wastegate and AEM standalone to give the car greater than 500hp in the wheels. His interior is wrapped in black leather having a Bride Gias reclinable seat, plus it has everything he’d need to be comfortable on long trips-air conditioning, Alpine in-dash DVD player and full stereo by MB Quart. This car’s footwork was a mix of custom designed Serial Touge and 9 Factory parts, including Stance coilovers specifically suited for the large sedan. Chrome Work Emotion 11R wheels and a full carbon-fiber canard kit accent his aero and work perfectly with all the livery designed byhas become drifting 180SXs since the early 2000s but has had this right-side-drive S13 since 2007. Each piece of the car has become carefully changed for drifting, with an attention to detail that aspires to Josh’s favorite cars in Japan. The SR20 engine uses a Power Enterprises PE1420 turbo; Tomei cams, rocker arm stoppers, and head gasket; GREX/Trust oil cooler and filter relocation kit; Koyo radiator and an intercooler and swirl pot from Powered by Max. An A’PEXi Power FC runs the SR package, and all of these components work together with a full suspension by Stance and C’s Garage. The knuckles, tie rods, steering rack, control arms and subframe have all been custom-built by C’s Garage for flawless response and good steering angle. Shine Auto aero along with a full canard package from Origin give this car an unmistakable style, plus rare pieces like the Juran Garny flap, G Corporation wing, and East Bear mirrors are nearly never found on one car at once. Josh’s 180SX is seen either on Nismo LMGT4 wheels or somehas been drifting in Chicago since ’03 and has always been loyal to the S13 chassis. This coupe is his third S13 over 11 years and was made to withstand a trial by fire much like the last cars. The exterior of the car reflects Simba’s wild driving style perfectly with super-aggressive Works 9 aero, Origin fenders and wing and the infamous The Truly Amazing Wave off Kanagawa hood-a skill piece in its own right. Simba’s wheel collection alone is a evidence of his dedication to the spirit and style of drifting, with everything from SSR Vienna Courage to function Equip, Work VS-KF, and SSR Agle Strusse-all sitting in his garage ready to be used. A Garrett GTX2863R turbo powers his Haltech-controlled SR20 engine, by using a Z32 transmission conversion giving his drivetrain a fighting chance versus the clutch kicks Simba uses to keep the turbo in boost. Rare drivetrain pieces like HKS cams along with an ORC clutch round out the drivetrain package, while Stance Suspension components complete the car’s footwork. Simba’s car is finished with Burberry upholstered Buddy Club seats to mirror his love foris nearly complete after seven many years of continuous modification, revision and improvement. Throughout the years, Leigh has created one of the most unique Supras in the usa by making sure the parts he adds are not only effective, but additionally come together to generate a supercool and JDM vibe. Leigh’s 1JZ was improved with a classic Blitz twin-turbo kit using K26 turbos. The Blitz kit is something Leigh has dreamed of owning since senior high school, and after years of searching used parts listings, he was finally able to source this incredibly rare turbo kit. Sard fuel injectors, a Koyo radiator, and a host of first-generation A’PEXi electronics complete the existing-school feel. His aero fits perfectly regarding his car’s classic style, with Ab Flug-style pieces from Shine giving the car a pure ’90s look, plus ain the group. Its usability and comfort about the street just gave me a street drift vibe I couldn’t pass up, though i’m a former rotary FC owner, so the Cressida was a huge change to me. My 1J engine is utterly unmodified, but I have increased its reliability with an oil cooler and Koyo radiator. The Cressida carries a full Serial 9 arm set and Stance coilovers, a custom-built subframe by Touge Factory and with raised roll centers along with Xcessive Manufacturing knuckles for a great suspension feel. I left all carpets and panels in the interior and added some Bride Brix seats and HKS gauges, because this is a street car. The Cressida also has Serial 9 aero, Origin canards and trunk wing in silver carbon and Work XT7 and Advan T6 wheels to enhancein an interesting time for Proceed; it’s near our first official year as a team. Proceed has been a while coming-all of us have been driving together for nearly ten years in other teams, so when the idea for Proceed formed, we knew we could not merely create the team from thin air straight away. Instead, we talked, and waited and planned for more than a couple of years. As Phil Prescott dealt with us to generate the Proceed vinyl design, as we chose our team colors and described the ideas and morals our team can be about away from our driving, we knew we were trying to create an issue that was our very own. Also as professionals in our careers, and as people, although we are proud of where we’ve been and where we’re going not only as drivers.has been said, after the cars have been photographed and this year’s drift season draws to some close, we all in Proceed are preparing to do something we’ve grown so accustomed to doing: working dreaming, hard and waiting for this one moment of glory, that short chance to be like our heroes. Dailyin the usa

Team Proceed Drift midwest 10

Team Proceed Drift midwest 23

Team Proceed Drift midwest 41

Team Proceed wish to thank…

Simba: ClubFR, Grip Gambler, TF Works, Stance Suspension, Origin Lab, GTR Garage

Eric: TF Works, Stance Suspension, 3L, Fast Eddie’s, Serial9, Sergey’s House of Wheels, MB family, Quart and friends, girlfriend Geneveve, RT, Niko at RCN Motors

Leigh: Ed at Fast Eddie’s, Shine Auto Project, RCN Motors, TF Works, Scott at Empire Collective, 3L, my teammates and friends, my always supportive girlfriend Catie, my daughter Ellie, Brian Duong, Kyle Collucci, Dan Lewis, Ginash George, Ahmed Fahmy, Dr. Nick, TF Dave

Josh: RCN Motors, TF Works, Fast Eddie’s, C’s Garage, Stance Suspension, Earnest, Shine Auto, Origin Lab, GTR Garage, 3L, Marylou Seludo, ClubFR

Ilia: TF Works, Fast Eddie’s, Origin Lab, James at Falken Tire, ClubFR, Ryan Shook, Serial 9.

430HP AC Schnitzer BMW ACZ4 5 Concept Revealed


AC Schnitzer (ACS) submits this tiny amount of outside the box thinking to your approval: can you imagine if someone swapped a torquey diesel motor into a Z4 sDrive 23i? What would that look like? And exactly how capable will it behas done just that, plopping a built BMW N57S turbocharged 3.-liter inline-6 diesel into the engine compartment of any E89. The mill reportedly makes 430 horsepower along with a whopping 619.5 lb.-ft. of torque, and routed through a swapped 8-speed automatic gearbox with pedal sports shift and rear axle gear and limited slip differential from an E92 M3 could goup the BMW ACZ4 5 Concept, and the wonders don’t stop at the engine bay. Curb weight is reduced some 120 pounds even with a heavier power plant, thanks in part to lightweight components like the 19-inch Type III forged alloy rims, lightweight exhaust silencer and CFC roof and boot lid.

Head onwith a racing suspension, fully adjustable in both compression and rebound, and slows/stops via a lightweight high-performance braking system in the beginning. Aero tweaks include carbon front spoiler and two-piece rear spoiler, while bits like the vented fenders and bonnet vents assist to maximize engine efficiency. Cabin upgrades contain aluminum pedals and footrest, velour floor mats, orange trim elements and carbonThe ACZ4 5.0d is a concept vehicle instead of for sale – but if it was actually would fetch in the ballpark of $121,000 in its current form, as outlined by ACS. However, AC Schnitzer will be supplying the brakes, interior, suspension, wheel and body set as part of its mod package for the Z4, as this project car had been a product development exercise.Directly Profile Head lights illuminated

Front three quarter low Front three quarter Profile studio

Rear Rear three quarter studio Parking garage

Headlights Front Front three quarter outside

1 – 9 OF 21

Commentsconsider Road Race Motorsports’ road-going Fiat Abarth M1R racer

Justin Banner – Feb 24, 2015

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 – Impulse Carbon-Fiber AE86 Corolla

Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 – Impulse Carbon-Fiber AE86 Corolla

The Impulse carbon-fiber AE86 Corolla is Editor Sam Du’s top pick from Japan’s largest tuner show

Sam Du – Jan 16, 2015

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Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Road Car Teased Ahead of Geneva (w/video)

Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Road Car Teased Ahead of Geneva (w/video)

Aston Martin may be showing a road-going Vantage GT3 car in Geneva.

Karla Sanchez – Jan 7, 2015

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Scion’s First Sedan & Production iM to Drop in New York

Scion’s First Sedan & Production iM to lower in New York

Scion’s first sedan along with the production iM will make an appearance on the 2015 Ny auto show in April.

Karla Sanchez – Jan 7, 2015

Import Tuner cars

Ariel Nomad is really a Rally-Style Atom

Ariel Nomad is a Rally-Style Atom

Atom for the track, Nomad for that dirt

Jason Udy – Jan 6, 2015

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USTCC-Spec 2013 Scion FRS

USTCC-Spec 2013 Scion FRS

Get to know the only Scion of your 2014 Nitto Tire USTCC, Michele Abbate’s 2013 FRS

Big Mike – Dec 2, 2014

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SEMA 2014 Preview – Ballast Point Kia Sedona Beer Wagon

SEMA 2014 Preview – Ballast Point Kia Sedona Beer Wagon

Ballast Point brews up a very special Kia Sedona Beer Wagon

John Naderi – Nov 3, 2014

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SEMA 2014 Preview – Smitten Frozen Treats Soul EV

SEMA 2014 Preview – Smitten Ice Cream Soul EV

Smitten Ice Cream’s Kia Soul EV is Set to give the Heat and Sling the Cream in thesuspension, body and Brakes interior & wheels available via ACS






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LTMW Porsche 997 GT3 – Wider is Better

Yes, it’s a Porsche in Super Street, and yes it’s muh-f*ckin’ badass!

Jofel Tolosa – Mar 30, 2015

LTMW Porsche 997 GT3 – Wider is Better

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JDM EJ207 Swapped Subaru WRX – The Convert

Beautiful bug-eyed ’02 Subie through the bay

Aaron Bonk – Mar 25, 2015

JDM EJ207 Swapped Subaru WRX – The Convert

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2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Review – First Drive

Redefining the usable & comfortable supercar.

Michael Febbo – Mar 17, 2015

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Review – First Drive

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550hp 1973 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X – One Bad Kenmeri

Kenmeri Skyline body heart of Godzilla heart = Certainly one of America’s best Kenmeris

BK Nakadashi – Mar 17, 2015

550hp 1973 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X – One Bad Kenmeri

European Car

Inspire USA Honda S2000 – JDM Everything

Nothing but proper Spoon Sports & JDM goodies.

Jofel Tolosa – Mar 17, 2015

Inspire USA Honda S2000 – JDM Everything

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