A Spec PPL600 & PPP430 Packages – Fine China


Fromclothes and electronics, and car parts to whatever else you can imagine, it’s common knowledge that China accounts for manufacturing the majority of the goods we use daily. And for decades, many of our preconceived ideas about the quality of Made in China have already been negative-cheap, disposable, and fake are common views. This was especially true with car parts, nevertheless the reality has begun to change in recent years, especially with companies like A Spec, which we visited earlier this year.It absolutely was a leading distributor for premier Japanese car parts for a long time. But there came a time when owner Lawrence Yip decided to roll the dice and pursue his long-term vision for the company. Instead of being known strictly as an parts and importer dealer, he chosen to move to China and make his mark building high-quality exhausts and complete packages. Lawrence proved us wrong as soon as we arrived in China the first time, although when most people heard this, they thought he was crazy.

We were there to experience A Spec’s latest products but had not a clue what to expect from our visit to the nation more than 1.3 billion people call home.

A spec brake and wheelgrowth and technology. The most significant surprises was the roads. China has exceeded the miles of paved roadways of the Usa This was to aid the amount of car ownership-cars abound, and it’s not only Chinese domestic models or Japanese imports. European cars are becoming more popular to the more affluent owner. In reality, Lawrence told us it’s as expensive to buy a Honda Accord as a BMW. Bearing this in mind, it was a simple decision for him to shift the company’s focus from Japanese to European imports. People wanted thecomfort and status, superiority a European car, and they wanted quality aftermarket products to match, which happens to be where A Spec comes into play.

With 90 percent of Chinese not owning a garage, there aren’t many guys attempting DIY work and even shops to acquire work done. They also don’t go all out with the upgrades, preferring simple, functional, high-quality bolt-on parts.

A spec PP430 rear diffuser 20

A spec PP430 exhaust tips 21

A spec PP430 side sill 22

This approach may be expensive when importing parts fromJapan and USA, or Europe, so A Spec started by giving high-quality exhausts. We were fortunate to get a tour of the factory and were baffled by how many quality checks are manufactured and how little was outsourced.

A Spec’s butter and bread is the IDEAS exhaust (Intelligent Dynamic Exhaust Acoustic System). The IDEAS system goes further by using a valve system jointly with an exhaust pressure sensor to give drivers the ability to have either a quiet or aggressive exhaust sound, though seeing and hearing them firsthand, they appear to rival some of the top exhausts on the market. It’s selected with a little a button and it is even customizable via a module that can be set to three different modes, including sport-which opens the flap at full throttle in the event itPorsche and Lamborghini conversions. Designed for the Gallardo LP560, the package was dubbed PPL600 for Performance Project Lamborghini 600-the amount representing its horsepower.

The Gallardo was lowered, fitted with 20-inch three-pieced forged A Spec wheels, the inside was upholstered in alcantara, and the car was fitted with the company’s IDEAS exhaust. More importantly, the exterior was fitted with its new 27-piece aero body kit made from carbon fiber (A Spec will also offer the entire kit in carbon Kevlar).

A spec PP600 wheel 13

A spec PP600 rear garnish 14

A spec PP600 exhaust tips 15

The design updates the Lamborghini with elements similar to theHurcan and Aventador, and Sesto Elemento. The front end, for example, is actually a trendsetter with a menacing bumper and vented hood. Including the emblem was moved from its original location on the hood to the bumper-a good touch.

One side skirts feature wide air vents with carbon sills. You’ll notice large air outlets in the kit-all are functional. The rear follows suit with the aggressive diffuser, while the centerpiece takes cues from the Sesto Elemento and Veneno, using its triangular openings. Finally, the back wing allows the Lambo a fresh personality, however thewheels and brakes, and exhaust. But now it’s been outfitted with an A Spec carbon/Kevlar body kit. Overall, it’s tamer in comparison to the Lamborghini and simply includes a front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, and decklid. Yet each piece, while simple, transforms the 991 into a more striking road car. And with this example, A Spec opted to leave elements of the Kevlar weave visible for extra impact.

Both cars are simply the beginning for any Spec. The Gallardo and 991 add to a solid foundation of cars, which also are theLawrence’s goal is to continue expanding the exhaust line that is proving popular in Asia, but additionally offer more turnkey modified cars to the growing European aftermarket community in China.