Top 5 R35 Nissan GT-R Builds You Must See


Before you is a list of must-see R35 Nissan GT-R builds we’ve found impossible to forget, You Have To See.


There couldn’t be a better collaboration with legendary tuner Trust/GReddy and aero specialist BenSopra. 4.3-liter stroker, bigger turbos and massive fenders were so as; the result could this be wild Super GT-style R35 GT-R pushing 1,206hp built to take onYou Have To See

Sumo Power

The Sumo Power R35 GT-R had just one goal and that was to go around a track as fast as possible. Due to FIA GT1 regulations, Sumo Power performed something uncommon by using out the Nissan’s turbochargers, AWD system and paddle shifters. But before you get your panties within a bunch, wait untilYou Need To See

Tommy Kaira

Imagine one day you got a phone call by a millionaire asking you to build a GT-R with a baller budget. Well, SP Engineering got that call, except they were told to build two Nissan GT-Rs and they both had to be around 1,000whp. We loved this gold one rocking the pricey Tommy Kaira aero sprayed with Top Secret paint. Rough estimate of this GT-R was about $250,000. MBN.

Top FiveYou Need To See


What was only supposed to be a weekend warrior, this R35 soon took over as the HKS Fuji Speedway demo car. Together, HKS and owner Susumi Aoki brought this car to reach 1,001hp. And withYou Have To See

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AMS Performance

AMS is known for its record-setting turbo builds. The team broke into the 7-second quarter-mile club with its Alpha Omega GT-R at 186.14 mph-the present GT-R record. It’s also done a standing mile at 233mph and standing half-mile at 214.04mph. AMS president Martin Musial has stated the car is rated at about 1800whp. Enough said!